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Starting off as a design consultancy for the Automotive sector Walker-Adams has worked on design, build and development projects for major manufacturers. Taking on projects dealing with design concepts, advance research, prototype build, vehicle testing through to production.

In 2004 we opened an off road race track at the renowned Birmingham Wheels Motorsport Park located in the heart of Birmingham City. The track enabled people to experience the  thrill  of short track off road racing in a safe environment.  With vehicles on the market not up to the task, Walker-Adams began developing their own brand of specialised off road vehicles. The Rebel range came first, aimed at the corporate entertainment market. Sales of the Rebel buggies have been going for 10 years with multiple race tracks running them around the UK.

Following requests for higher HP Rebels, Walker-Adams began developing the Revolution range of vehicles. Centred around two platforms and the Ecoboost range of engines,  the Revolution comes in 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

The  Revolution 4x2  runs an east-west engine configuration allowing use of the 2ltr and 2.3 ltr Ecoboost engine with standard gearboxes. Vehicle can be set up for the race track or road.

The Revolution 4x4 runs a north-south engine configuration with a sequential gearbox and 4 wheel drive system.  The 1ltr and 1.6ltr Ecoboost engines are used to achieve optimal power to weight ratio for off road racing.

Revolution 4x2 Road Legel Vehicle In Silver
Revolution 4x4 Off Road Racing in Scotland
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