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Rugged compact design with significant power to weight advantages


Petol Engines From 1ltr to 2.3 ltr naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines outputting up to 350 HP

Electric Drivetrain Options Available.


Four wheel drive and two wheel drive platforms with muiltiple engine options

Rebel RX buggy with RX Racing Stickers

The Rebel buggies are light weight, robust rear wheel drive vehicles. They come in two models:

The Rebel Corporate: ideal for the corporate entertainment market with it's highly durable and easy to maintain design. Perfect for hour after hour of use.  Automatic CVT transmission so novice to experienced drivers can achieve optimal performance. Up to 40 HP Air Cooled engine with good acceleration and 55 mph top speed. Starting weight is 450 kg.

The Rebel RX: new to the Walker-Adams  range. Designed for the Rebel RX racing series the vehicle has a 31 HP Air cooled engine with Automatic CVT transmission. The race series is designed so the emphasis is on the driver. All racers have the same vehicle specification. Other higher HP engine options are available  for people not looking to race in Rebel RX race series.

Rebel buggies are available in single and two seater configurations. Prices start at £12,995+vat.

Revolution 4x4 Off Road Vehicle In Green

The Revolution vehicles are high performance weapons designed to take on track day cars and extreme off road vehicles. They come in two models:

The Revolution 4x2: ideal for the race track or road usage. The rear wheel drive layout with turbocharged engines outputting up to 350 HP gives a thrilling drive. The conventional 6 speed gearbox makes driving on the road a breeze. Starting weight is 725 kg

The Revolution 4x4: designed to take on the established competition in off road racing. The vehicle boasts 4 wheel drive, 18in suspension travel and has a starting weight of 750 kg with up to 220 HP turbocharged engine. This gives it the power to weight ratio to take on the bigger vehicles on the start line. The sequential gearbox and LSD differentials put the power down on any loose surface from the time you touch the accelerator.

Revolution high performance vehicles are available in a two seater configuration. Prices start at £34,995+vat.

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